Empowering people with tools and knowledge is the by word for progress. Synergizing knowledge with due diligence to local conditions makes AgriNet Group a catalytic agent for progress.

AgriNet has been established to bring about a holistic approach to agriculture management, wherein the “sowing of seeds to fruition of labour” can be pre-determined and executed with assured results, unaffected by the vagaries and factors which play havoc every year in agriculture, in this part of the world. Our goal is to enrich agriculture, by enhancing biosphere with sustainable methodologies and profitable returns on investment for all stake holders, from the farmer to the consumer across the supply chain.

AgriNet believes that we have a responsibility to the people around us. Through transparency and accountability we want to inspire trust in the community. Our passion for the food industry and the consumer we serve empowers us to strive in producing the highest service we can consistently.


AgriNet believes in the concept of 'field to fork' through total control of the food chain process and the basis for this starts with agriculture. To provide services and solutions to the best of its abilities, in an honest, trustworthy manner, not compromising on our beliefs, ensuring that AgriNet delivers on every project as it if is our own.